July 23, 2011

Cirque du Soleil: Varekai in Manila! Part 2

Stuff I got that day. So there's my 2nd souvenir programme.

After 4 hours of sleep two days ago, I went to Manila Hotel to claim my consolation prize. I got lost around on the way, and even more lost when I was looking for the Hoopla office inside the hotel. It was actually quick when I managed to knock at the place and get a thin paper bag with some stuff. There was no excitement at all, probably from exhaustion of walking around. Manila Hotel seems like a nice place, but doesn’t look like a five-star hotel. I heard they’ve renovated, and saw some photos of the suites online which are really homey of some sort. The staff is very accommodating even for a passer-by like me, which is highly commendable. I wish they’d replace the Manila Hotel typeset on at the entrance and on the roof though.

I was supposed to go to Museo Pambata, but for some reason, my friend who works there had to go somewhere and there are no other reasons why I have to go there without her. So I decided to hang out near the Grand Chapiteau, and draw something. There weren’t any good subjects around to draw, so I ended up sketching the Manila Floating Restaurant. Before I even got to start sketching, some people went at my back, curious of what I’m doing. It’s so funny that they’ve mistaken me for every East Asian nationality, but not Filipino. I found out that they were Philippine Coast Guard applicants. So funny, they even shook my hand. Fortunately, while they were talking to me, I saw some Varekai cast, particularly Mark Halasi, Iulia Mykhailova, and Mercedes Hernandez.

There were no ushers during the time I arrived, so I had to locate my own seat. I found my seat between two young couples, looking all formal so I kind of hesitated that it really is my seat. An AA seat it a great place for someone like me who has poor eyesight who wants to catch a lot of great detail. It's nice to see the cast up close. Watching it again for the second time was as great as my first one, or perhaps even better.

Steven Bishop’s act getting surprised, and sort of dropping a lot of popcorn on my seat and the person beside me was pretty funny. It’s the closest contact I have with the cast. However, I am against wasting food. Even if it’s plain and almost tasteless, it’s still food. I still love him though. And Mercedes Hernandez is so charming; I’m all smiles whenever she’s around. She’s so full of confidence and I adore her.

I love that some of them maintain eye contact with the audience. I also love the forest creatures’ costumes, it suites the faces of the performers (If I’m not mistaken they’re the Aerial Straps performers). I nearly even cried because the Aerial Straps was so beautiful. There was too much muscle power, drama and passion. And the Steven and the Rampin Brothers’ smiles are gleaming! They’re simply adorable!

The cute pens I chose not to afford at $4.69.

Finally, I got to see the Leysan Gayazova’s Aerial Hoop. It was in rotation with the Solo on Crutches (I think). She was definitely an eye-candy, a crowd pleaser. Gayazova captivated the audience with her striking poses and jaw-dropping stunts with such graceful ease.

The musicians and the singers were enchanting as always. The Georgian Dance is so fantastic, I can watch it everyday. And Mark Halasi made a woman near me scream like crazy. He is that great with his craft.

The Happy Child

The entire cast mesmerized me once again. Hopefully another Cirque du Soleil show makes a tour here next year. I’ll definitely be watching. 

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