July 17, 2011

Getting Too Close To The Sun

A few days ago, I joined a contest to get tickets for Varekai. I didn’t win any ticket, but I shall get Varekai merchandise for a consolation prize. J (Why hello again, #29 at 100 Things To Do Before I Die list. This is the 6th time I won something.)

I’ve seen the show weeks ago, so it’s very selfish and greedy of me to join the contest. While thinking of a quick concept, I read some of the entries which are simple, but a mile deserving to win. I thought that can make good use of some situations I’ve got and weave it quite well, but it would be very unfair. That would have been a very lame move. Instead, I limit myself to my visual creativity and shallow reason, and posted an entry with all pretentions aside.

It should have been "Le Rêve". Too fancy.

And because I didn’t win, I opted to buy myself a ticket. My kind of expensive happiness. Too bad I’m all alone though. I’m feeling Icarus.

Speaking of Icarus, I left a fan message to his character actor. I adore people who has the time to respond to their fans.

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