December 18, 2011

Meiji Christmas + Other Finds

Got chocolates and sweets for those people whom I have no idea what to give for Christmas from Saizen. I would always prefer to receive Meiji than Hershey's or Cadburry. They melt in my mouth, not on my fingers. I wish someone would bring a Meiji 100% Chocolate Cafe here. That would definitely be a Meiji Christmas!

Meiji Milk and BLACK Chocolate. BLACK is mah favorite.
Assorted Meiji stuff
Meiji Apollo, LUCKY, and Choco Baby

Also I dropped by the New Hatchin Grocery and Robinson's Supermarket. I never thought I'd buy anything Korean aside from Kimchi.

Binggrae Banana Flavored Milk, Samanco, and Melona. I like ze Korean typography.

 Dorayaki! It reminded me of Doraemon that's why I bought it. I don't like it that much though.

My all-time popcorn-alternative, Cha-Cheer's Sunflower Seeds. One of the things I love from China.
Yakult with Christmas greeting. I love Yakult.

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