July 9, 2013

Bohol-Cebu Trip (Day 01)

Who would have thought we'll make it despite the bad weather?

I'm not sure if I feel so sorry for myself, but this trip made it possible for me to ride a plane for the first time! //facepalm// It was also my first time to ride a ferry! Definitely my first time to get out of Luzon! So many firsts!! While my friends were really disturbed by the turbulence, there I was... enjoying it. Sorry. I have a thing for that.

HELLO, BOHOL! Anyway, we stayed at Villa del Sol in Tagbilaran. The food isn't the best, but I can say that they are very generous with their meals. At least it felt very homey.

Countryside Tour: Bilar Man-made Forest, Simply Butterfly Conservation Center, Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Conservation Area, Hanging Bridge, Loboc River Cruise, Baclayon Church, and Python Wildlife Center (no pictures).
We forgot to go to the Sanduguan Shrine!

The most beautiful place I've seen in Bohol.

Alam mo yung ang tagal-tagal mong hinahabol yung paru-paro nung bata ka pa tas di mo mahuli? Dito, ipinatong lang sa kamay ko.

With ze girls.

Chocolate Hills not so chocolatey!

Hi, Tarsier!

Loboc River Cruise.

Perpetual Help.

See Padre Pio's image?

It sure was tiring! And also, very stupid of me not to bring toiletries aside from facial and wet tissues! Good thing there was a sari-sari store outside of the pension house!

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