July 11, 2013

Bohol-Cebu Trip (Day 03-04)

Magellan's Cross

Bye, Bohol! Hello, Cebu! I didn't enjoy Cebu that much. Metro Cebu is so much like Metro Manila! But of course I like Manila better. Without a car service, it felt like we were contestants on The Amazing Race!

DIY Cebu Tour: Zubuchon, Magellan's Cross, Basillica del Santo Nino,
Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Abuhan Pochero, etc.
(CnT Lechon and Kwong Bee not included in pictures.)

I was actually pissed off with some candle vendors around the Magellan's Cross. They will pray for you in exchange of buying candles from them. NO.

Best pig ever!

I'm not a big fan of lechon. Not that I keep myself away from eating pork, it's just that I don't like eating a lot of fat. Thank you, Zubuchon! Thank you, Anthony Bourdain for loving our pig. Thank you, Kamias shake for the sour and sweetness you brought to the dinner table.

Kamias shake complementing the lechon! Nom.

Picture muna bago dasal.

Health. Family. Dreams.

Basillica de Santo Nino de Cebu!

I never knew this church is so grand and old. Definitely a mile away from the looks of the Santo Nino de Cebu Parish in Laguna. Also the garden has so many statues of St. Augustine and friends. There was a logo on the patio floor that meant "Virtus et Scientia". I don't forget things like that. My high school definitely made my brain sure I won't forget the life of St. Augustine.

St. Augustine and the boy from the beach?

Beautiful retablo.


Family. Relatives.

Sinful Pochero.

At night, I went for a back massage at Nuat Thai for the second time in Cebu. The first one was on our first night then. Amazing enough, our hotel is surrounded by MANY massage parlors. Weird.


Not much pictures. It felt like I did more walking than taking pictures. I'll just think like a mountaineer. Glad to be back home safe. Thank you, mother universe. Thank you, Cebu Pacific for not failing. Hoho.

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