June 23, 2012

SPARK 2012, no.

Last June 16, Ji and I went to SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia for the 17th Graphic Expo and Photo-Video Expo. I saw big, million-peso worth of printers, and digital cameras. We ended up listening to Jim Paredes and the photographers from SPARK 2012. I don't even have pictures for SPARK 2012! Bah.

I love this.
Hi, Jim Paredes. I have a crush on you.

We ate at Cafe France. Thanks for the treat! We are #1! And we had mochi ice cream la.

With Ji~ <3

Green tea mochiko ice cream!
Strawberry and green tea!

We were supposed to drop by Uniqlo but ze line...

Look at the liiiiine~
Long queue. But not as long as the queue on the next day.

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