November 24, 2012

Afternoon Breeze

Afternoon moon. I love the silhouette of the leaf on the right, it looks like a cat and bird hybrid.
I've always loved the moon, and everything on the sky.

This afternoon, I went to out to our terrace to take pictures of the Postcrossing mail I received last Friday. I happened to notice the moon at 4:30 pm, so I thought of taking its picture, and then I started shooting other things from the terrace.

I live at the back of a public hospital.
Calamansi. I drink Calamansi juice every weekdays before I go to work.
Still the Calamansi. It looks like a flower with a ball on the top to me.
Love how the Purple Yam leaf dried and curled itself.
Unknown fruit tree.

I've been down in the dumps the entire week. Things weren't doing so well so 5 days of work was such a kill, so is living the night shift again. My routine during the night shift is really tiring. Imagine for 5 working days that all I do is wake up at 4:30 pm, eat my meals and take a bath while the TV is showing Smile, Dong-Hae (which I like), leave after the first commercial break of Paroa (or Moon Embracing The Sun months ago), walk, take 2 jeepney rides to the train station, fall in line in the queue area of the station (for 15 minutes!), bathe myself in sweat inside the train, walk fast to where I take my last jeepney ride (because I don't know what traffic I'll end up with), walk fast to my faraway building, prepare my apps for work, get water and hot chocolate, work with bathroom and meal breaks in between, walk with office mates towards the jeepney terminal, ride a jeep, walk fast again, take 2 jeepney rides again, walk, freshen up, eat my meals, play with the cats, check my mails and surf the net, watch all morning anime/cartoon on GMA, and sleep. The only difference this week was the one-on-one meeting with my supervisor last Thursday regarding my work performance (both super good and bad news), and getting Postcrossing mail last Friday. I'm not even doing chores! FML. I'll deal with my work problems on Monday, for now I just love being at home.

I'm just thankful for the universe for ze freedom weekend, I loveeet! I love every weekend of my fucking working life! So to take pictures for awhile of things I really don't notice everyday is just way therapeutic.

Such a breeze it is to realize again and again that my first world problem is nothing against other people's third-world problem. A thought like that makes it easier for me to keep moving forward.

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