February 17, 2013

Art Fair Philippines 2013

Tickets for 4!
Last February 10, my former classmates and I went to Art Fair Philippines 2013, an exhibit of different galleries in a parking space at The Link in Ayala. I was in a terrible mood that afternoon for some stupid reason, so I was not taking photos of people (I tried to). There were familiar artworks and names, and some of them were my former instructors. I've got some favorites!

A Kenneth Cobonpue seat!!!
Mark Justiniani

One of my super favorites!

Nice seat! The wings are moving! Hello, Luzia!
Works by J.Pacena, Buen Calubayan, and Mark Salvatus


Reminds me of a little item we have.
It was a gift for me from Mama's boss, but Papa placed it inside our car.

For mi luff.

The very first artwork I've ever seen in that exhibit that I like.

The only saving grace I had that day was my having a haircut that morning. I had my hair tied back last Saturday when I went out because I wasn't in the mood to comb my hair, and the world felt wide (with my hair not covering the sides). That felt good so I decided to had my hair cut the next day.

I went to Bang's Tony and Jackey Salon and asked for Rey. Of all the stylists from the othet TnJ branches I've encountered, Rey always did best with my hair. He seems very OC with haircutting. I'm always happy when I go out of the salon with him as my stylist. We'll meet again in May!

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