February 18, 2013

What's Inside My Art Supplies Box?

Many things.

I don't have my own drawing table and easel. On my freshman year, I used a piece of plywood for drafting. No wonder why my lines were never straight! I wish I have my own studio. For the meantime, I just have this container.

There's no food inside! I like using food packagings for storage.
(Like how much  I like architectural adaptive reuse.)
What's inside?
Nice catch from Booksale.
Corks!!! I use them to make custom stamps.
Couldn't open the lid sometime ago because of some stuck dried gesso by the undersides.
When my brother finally had it opened, I removed the dried gesso and placed plastic so it won't happen again.
I bought this because I like Audrey Kawasaki. What?
There used to be Pistachio ice cream inside...
Cotton buds for smudging.
Zig Kurecolor markers! I wish they were Copics!
Faber-Castell Classic and Watercolor Pencils
Some stuff I no longer want.
So many!
I bought a new ruler.
My brother's! Most of my Staedtler items was his.
They say cockroaches love this, but I haven't seen any go near it so far.
Hello, tool box!

Various drawing pencils.
Many used and unsed brushes.
Tech pens and multi-liner.
Other things.
Soft pastels! Under it are my oil pastels.
One of my favorite boards.
I posted notes on the side for inspiration.
I was watching Youn-ha Kim and Jarrett J Krosoczka on
TED talks when I was cleaning my box, so there.
I want my own studio now! ∩(︶▽︶)∩

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    It's so funny how it's so full of food containers, you could almost mistake it for emergency rations XD