May 29, 2013

Curryfest 2013

The Babes of Curryfest

Hopefully that would be our first and last Curryfest. It was a bit horrendous when I think about the food, but I can't help be adventurous. The Beef Curry, Naan and the Sweet Lassi were the only glorifying elements of the entire Curryfest, and I realized that I should not be experimenting with food choices during birthday gatherings. Definitely not a good idea.

I've decided to have eat Indian/Pakistani cuisine for my birthday celebration with the girls all because I wanted to try the cuisine my friend recommended. Last May 18, I brought my friends to Assad Cafe located in U.N. Avenue. It's near my brother's house so I know where to go. The area is known as the Little India of Manila. Though I've seen only ONE obvious authentic Indian person there, there's no doubt at all.

We were the only customers when we arrived.
Not our typical type of place to eat.
Sweet Lassi. Not my type, but I ended up drinking it to the last drop.

Curryfest! Looks delish.

Kashmiri Fish Curry. NOT BAD.

Mushroom Dopiaza. I HATE.

Beef Curry. NOM.


After that, we went to Robinsons Manila and spent the rest of our time
at White Hat.  (。♥‿♥。)

Thank you, luff.
Still, I had fun!

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