May 30, 2013


I've been 23 years old for the last 19 days. I know, it's so late now.

Mama bought me a cake from the bakery just around the corner.

A nice, fluffy sponge cake with custard on top.

I bought Smidgets.

And pistachio ice cream.

No birthday will be complete without Coke!

Choya for me, not for ze kitty.

Chocolates from my brother!

Sweetest luff.

Vanilla ice cream and soju doesn't taste good together!

I make a letter for myself every time I turn a year old.
Hopefully I can read this after 50 years.

Oh well, another wasted year passed.


My brother's girlfriend's friend had been selling pre-loved toys for a good price so I bought them to give as gifts.

For luff. (I took two Snoopys...)

For J.
Phew. ♪♪(o*゜∇゜)o~♪♪


  1. OMG! gusto ko ng charlie brown :D (at soju) hihih belated HBD B!

    1. Haha tenkyow teacher mots! Mahirap umubos ng soju (mahigit isang buwan na) kahit pashot-shot pa.